A pagoda forest stands in suburbs of Beijing


Yinshan Pagoda Forest Scenic Area is located 30 kilometers north of Changping District, and is a key cultural relics protection unit of China announced by the State Council, as well as the main national scenic spot of the Thirteen Tombs Special Zone Office. It features the style of the West Lake Leifeng Pagoda and the beauty of the natural park of the Tu'er Ling (Rabbit's Ear Ridge).

It has been a sacred Buddhist site in the north since the Liao and Jin dynasties, and was one of the "Eight Views of Beijing" during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The scenic area is located in the northern part of Changping District, formerly known as "Iron Wall Silver Mountain". Here the cliff is as steep as the tall wall, and the color is as black as iron. While after the heavy snowfall, the mountains are white as silver, hence the name.

Address: Xihu Village, Yanshou Town, Changping District, Beijing


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