You can enjoy the beautiful early autumn scenery in These temples


1. Tanzhe Temple

Entering Tanzhe Temple in early autumn is the most tranquil place for people to forget their worries. Walking into Tanzhe Temple, the green leaves of the ancient trees show the prestige and tranquility of the Buddhist temple. The breeze is gentle, as if there is a long time of Sanskrit singing. Here you can better understand the meaning of Buddhism and the truth of all things.

Looking at the Buddhist temples carved out of red and yellow wood, we can understand the true meaning of the world. The flowers and trees here have been sublimated with people's heart.

Here, you need to listen quietly and appreciate carefully realm, the leave of life, and the wisdom that belong to you.

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Jietai Temple

In early autumn, you can walk in the temple, listen to the wind in the mountains, and feel the unique serenity of Buddhist artistic conception. Along the steps, there are beautiful scenery and picturesque everywhere. The profound history of Jietai Temple can only be touched by feeling it in person.

Dingdu peak

Dingdu peak scenic area is 680 meters above sea level and is at the top of the West extension line of Chang'an Street. Dingdu Pavilion, a landmark building built on Dingdu peak, covers an area of 550 square meters, a building area of 2400 square meters, a height of 33.9 meters and a total of six floors.

With mountains and rivers, only standing on the high place can see the clouds and the city below.

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