Half of the world is hidden in the longest alley in Beijing!


There are many ancient buildings in Beijing, including magnificent royal gardens and various hutongs with strong life flavor.

One of the hutongs is very special. Because of its unique "retro temperament", it once became a popular place for photography. It is the longest Hutong in Beijing, Dongjiaominxiang.

Dongjiaominxiang Hutong starts from Tiananmen Square in the west and ends at Chongwenmen street in the east, with a total length of nearly 3 km. It is the longest Hutong in old Beijing. It used to be a famous embassy area.

Nowadays, the western architectural styles on both sides of the Hutong are different and well arranged. It is the only street with many foreign houses in Beijing.

Dongjiaominxiang church, also known as French church, was built in 1901. It was the last church built by missionaries in China. In the past, it belonged to the French Consulate Area. Every time I passed here, I was attracted by the beautiful angel statue above the main door. Especially against the green trees and blue sky, this Gothic building is more beautiful.

The Bank of Japan, which was built in 1910, is now the Chinese court museum. From a distance, it is more like a small castle, as a landmark here, hundreds of tourists come to take photos every day.

In this warm and beautiful early summer, the trees on both sides of the road are green. At this time, it is most suitable to ride a bicycle and slowly enjoy the surrounding scenery on the road.

Address: near No.4, Chongwenmennei street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


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