Two hours! Ulanqab-Beijing high speed railway opens


At 9:46 a.m. on July 24, the first train from Ulanqab to Beijing started from Ulanqab

station, passing through Xinghe north, Zhangjiakou, Changping stations and other five stations, and arrived at Qinghe station (Beijing) in 2 hours and 2 minutes. This is the first high-speed railway from Ulanqab to Beijing. It not only marks the space distance between Ulanqab and Beijing, but also indicates that the cooperation between Beijing and Inner Mongolia will become closer and closer.

Ulanqab has close cooperation with Beijing in economy, education, medical treatment and other fields. The central urban area is only 320 km away from Beijing. At the same time, Ulanqab city is also an important water conservation area and ecological defense line in Beijing and Tianjin. The opening of this train will connect Ulanqab city and Beijing more closely to facilitate the residents along the way.

From Ulanqab station to the opening of Beijing high speed railway, it is the beginning of a new era. Ulanqab will further break the regional pattern and traffic barriers that restrict economic development, truly become the "back garden" of Beijing, and further integrate into the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.


is a city close to Beijing in Inner Mongolia. Xinghe County of the city is 240 km away from Beijing. The three expressways G6, G7 and G55 meet in Ulanqab, where the traffic is in all directions. The city has grassland, alpine meadow grassland, v

olcanic grassland, as well as "Pearl outside the Great Wall" Daihai, "natural oxygen bar" Sumu mountain and other tourist attractions.


is warm and cool in summer, with an average temperature of 18

. There are more than 350 days of excellent air

quality in the whole year.

Ulanqab city is one of Beijing's counterpart assistance areas. Ulanqab

City, where the land is barren, wind erosion and desertification, and the weather is cold, is the main battlefield for poverty alleviation in Inner Mongolia. Among the 11 banners, counties and urban areas under its jurisdiction, there were 8 national poverty-stricken counties and 2 autonomous region poverty-stricken counties. The deep-seated poverty-stricken population once accounted for 46.2% of Inner Mongolia. At the beginning of this year, all the poverty-stricken counties in Ulanqab city have been lifted out of poverty.

The opening of Ulanqab

high-speed railway from Ulanqab

station to Beijing is bound to promote the complementary advantages of Beijing's science and technology, finance and talents with the high-quality green agricultural and livestock products, excellent environmental resources and tourism resources of Ulanqab City, greatly improve the investment and financing environment of Ulanqab City, broaden channels for investment promotion, industrial structure adjustment, upgrading and transformation, and further build and improve the high-speed rail economy circle.


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