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There is such a free park between Yuquanshan mountain and the Summer Palace


There is such a free park between Yuquanshan mountain and the Summer Palace, but the name of the park makes me confused. The sign says Beiwu park.

There are few beautiful scenery here. It's especially suitable for taking children here. Many people go fishing by the lake. I have a look at the lake. There are so many fish here.

I have thought that it is a wild country park. According to historical records, it was farmland in the late Qing Dynasty, connecting the Summer Palace and the Jingming garden. Now the farmland is no longer there, only a small piece of rice field is left as a memorial and exhibition.

But there is not only wild interest here, but also well planned garden facilities and perfect greening.

Every place is a landscape. The garden is particularly clean and there is no garbage. It's hard to imagine that this is a free park. It seems that the quality of tourists here is not low.

I also have an unexpected discovery of a temple –Jinshan Temple. This temple was built in the Ming Dynasty, but it is also a new antique building. At present, it has become a local Memorial Hall.

On the edge of Jinshan Temple is the site of Puxing Wanyuan Jingdao Congregation monument. As for what this Congregation is, I don't know very well.

It takes more than an hour to make a big turn in the park. The park is not big, but there are few people. It's convenient to park. You can come and have a stroll if you have nothing to do.


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