Recommended places for one-day tour in the suburbs of Beijing: Yudu mountain and Wild Duck Lake in Yanqing


On the weekend, you can sleep in, go shopping, find a coffee shop you like for a latte, or ask a friend for a barbecue. If you think this is not enough, you are recommended to go to a place called Yanqing.

1. Yudu mountain scenic spot

Yudu mountain, also known as "Yiduo mountain", is a mountain no more than 20 meters high and 860 meters above sea level. The top of the mountain is flat and covered with shrubs. The peak is no more than 20 meters long and 7.8 meters wide. Although the mountain is not high, it is very steep, like the flat ground pulled up. There was a small temple on the top of the mountain. Now it has been destroyed, leaving only some ruins. Yudu mountain is surrounded by lush green, which is a green world. The vegetation is very good; the stream under the mountain flows continuously all the year round, and it is not frozen in winter. The pebbles in the stream are ground round. In spring, summer and autumn, flowers bloom continuously. The mountain is clear; the water is clear; the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant. It is a wonderful combination of mountains, rivers and forests.

Yudu mountain is not only a beautiful scenery, but also a good choice for picnics.

Tips: you need to bring your own tent, and there are places to rent tents at the foot of the mountain; there are snacks, convenient food, cold skin, fruit, ice cream and other food in the supermarket. There is also an area dedicated to barbecue. There is enough sunshine on the mountain. Remember to do a good job in sunscreen and take a good sunshade. You can take a small bottle of anti-mosquito liquid with you.

2. Wild duck lake

It is said that up to 300, 400, 000 birds and nearly 250 species are gathered here. The middle of November is also the best time to go to wild duck lake for bird watching and sightseeing. You can set up tents, set up an oven, barbecue kebabs, and have a picnic. After enjoying the perfect food, you can also take the children on a carriage and walk around the dam. In two or three hours, you can only see the dense grass, withered wild flowers and fruits, the sounds of birds and the cool autumn wind. When you look at the beautiful mountains and streams, your heart will be immersed in the cool autumn day.

Wild duck lake scenic area is still very large. The trestle road beside the lake is well built; and the scenery for taking photos is very good. We arrived a little later, so we rented a bicycle for four at the entrance and took photos at the bird watching pavilion. It took about 70 minutes to go around the lake. There are small pavilions at intervals by the lake where you can sit down and rest.

The longer I stay in Beijing, the more I think I am used to the high rhythm of life, the crowd in the morning rush hour, and the daily rush. But the more you get used to it, the more you want to slow down your life. After the epidemic, let's go together.


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