In Shunyi, there is a park where you can walk your dog, have a picnic and see the airplane


It's a great place to walk. Whether you're taking a plane or going to the park, whether you're walking your dog or taking care of your kids, it's a great place to walk! It is the West Lake Park next to the capital airport.

Go to Beijing West Lake Park to watch the plane take off and land. The park observation platform next to Terminal T3, which is about 200 meters away from the runway, should be the best place to observe the take-off and landing of aircraft in Beijing. You can see all kinds of airplanes flying by in front of your eyes in minutes. You can't miss those in the photography field.

West Lake Park, a free park near the airport living area, is close to the runway of Terminal T3. It is the closest place to the plane in flight. It is the best place to watch the plane closely. There is a man-made lake in the park and an observation platform higher than the surrounding terrain.

The West Lake Garden is well afforested and has a large lawn area. There are often family outings, baby walkers and dog walkers. Many people come here for a picnic. It is not allowed to set up tents in the park. There are managers who make regular inspections and dissuade them when they find out. Because it belongs to the forbidden area, kites and drones are forbidden in the park.

The park has no parking lot, no WC. Navigate Cathay Pacific Life Plaza Airport store and then you can get there. Private cars can park in the parking lot (charge). Parking space is tight. You can also park in several parking lots nearby. The specific location can be navigated on the cellphone.

Entering from the southwest gate, not far from the left is a viewing platform –Bagua platform. On the table, there are eight diagrams made of marble. It is a good place to watch the airport area and the take-off and landing. It's just next to a channel. When large aircraft flying overhead, it is still very shocking. Basically, there are planes taking off and landing in minutes. Many tourists take pictures with various photography equipment. Some watch with children; some watch when listening to the command on the radio. They enjoy the coming and going airplanes, or guess the model of aircraft through sound and remote observation…

West Lake Park, located next to Terminal T3 of Shunyi airport, is a treasure park. With a large green space, you can not only see the plane passing by, but also have a picnic. The most important thing is to let the dog run.

Why is it called West Lake Park? I guess it should be in the west of the airport! Lawn greening is very good. It is very quiet with not a lot of people. Often someone take children and pets to play here. The area of the lawn in the park is very large, and now the grass is green. The lawn is soft and clean. It is OK to lie on the lawn directly. You can have a picnic in the park. You can prepare a picnic mat, a sun visor, sunglasses, a good-looking lunch box, glasses, tableware, food and water for the picnic. You can also bring flowers to take pictures in the park. When you have a picnic, you should bring a garbage bag. It is especially recommended to bring a box to hold the garbage, because the garbage bag is easy to be blown away by the wind!

The park will gradually be known because it is located next to Terminal T3 of capital airport, where you can enjoy the landing of the airport. In the park, there are fans carrying equipment to take professional photos here all year around. There are not many tall trees in the park. Pay attention to sun protection.

During the outbreak, always wear masks and keep away from other visitors.

Address: West Terminal T3, capital airport, Shunyi District, Beijing

Admission: Free

Self-driving route: direct navigation of West Lake Park is OK

Parking: the parking lot of Cathay Pacific Life Plaza (airport store) opposite the park


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