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Six free and fun places in Yanqing District


Yanqing District is located in the northwest of Beijing, known as "summer capital". There are rich tourism resources here. Today, I will introduce six free and fun places in Yanqing District.

1. Jiangshuiquan Park

Jiangshuiquan park has fountains, plank roads, pavilions, bridges and landscape lights, which form different sceneries, like flower paradise, water stream, mountain forest, flower port, and lake. Each one has its own unique landscapes and styles.

There are music, ecology, parent-child park and viewing platform in the park. From a distance, the huge park looks like a vivid watercolor! Quiet and beautiful! This is rare in the capital!

2. Xiadu Park

Xiadu park has the largest theme sculpture park in China. The 50 sculptures use stone and metal materials to express their respective understanding of "human, life and nature" through concrete or abstract art forms.

Xiadu park is also a music park. No matter where visitors are in the park, they will hear relaxed and beautiful background music. There are also lamps of various shapes installed in the park. At night, the park is decorated more beautifully with colorful lights.

3. Guishui Park

On the other side of Xiadu park, the scenery is also very beautiful. The whole park is a garden landscape mainly made of plants and water. It is said that the last scene of a movie, Mr. Six, was shot here.

The scenery is charming. Taking a boat down the river, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way, which brings you a sense of fairyland on earth. The environment is quiet and full of rural atmosphere. The 10 kilometer waterway is like a green corridor, drifting down, as if floating into a poetic and picturesque art world.

4. Sanlihe Wetland Park

Sanlihe Wetland Park is the first wetland ecological park in Beijing, located in the northwest of Yanqing, which is a long and narrow natural wetland forest park.

The park retains the original forest land and vegetation to the maximum extent, and plants 27000 trees and shrubs; there is a spring, called Baimaquan, in the park, which is located in the west side of Sanlihe River. The spring flows all the year round, and the water in the spring is green, clear, sweet and drinkable, which is another fascinating landscape of Sanlihe Wetland Park.

5. Xiangshuiyuan Park

Many people work out here in the morning and evening. Now, the park has become a comprehensive park integrating recreation, leisure and fitness. People can enjoy the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers while exercising. The sky is blue and white, with wind and sun, flowers and fragrance. The ecology of the park is very beautiful; the roads can reach everywhere, quiet and flat, which is very suitable for walking and leisure. There are stone bridges and small pavilions in the park. If you feel tired, you can take a rest in a quiet place.

6. Guihe Forest Park

Guihe Forest Park is located in Yanqing District, a city of mountains and rivers. The forest park is built by the river. It covers an area of 1026 hectares. It should be the largest park in Yanqing District at present, which can be said to span the downtown of Yanqing District. It is a shining pearl on the “Easten Rhine”. Green mountains, trees, grass reeds and grass, constitute a picturesque fairyland.


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