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You Can Pay with UnionPay Card When Taking Buses in Beijing


There is another way to pay when taking bus. Beijing Public Transport Group cooperated with China UnionPay to enable UnionPay card payment in the whole city. The UnionPay card supporting this service is a chip card with UnionPay or quick pass identification, and both debit and credit cards can be used.

According to the public transport group, if you swipe the UnionPay card, you will deduct the fee according to the actual fare, i.e. it is the same as the cash fare, and there is no discount for the time being; in the future, China UnionPay will launch preferential activities to benefit users. Before using UnionPay card, you need to open the small amount password free payment function of UnionPay card in advance, and the balance in the card should not be less than the maximum fare of the line you take.

For the passengers who take a single ticket, the fee will be charged directly; for the bus lines implementing the segmented pricing, the corresponding balance in the UnionPay card will be temporarily frozen after getting on the bus and swiping the card successfully; due to different bank policies, the frozen amount of some UnionPay cards will be 115% of the corresponding fee because of different policies of different banks; after getting off the bus and swiping the card successfully, the amount of fees that have been frozen will be automatically returned.


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