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When Using Alcohol and 84 Disinfectant, Be sure to Pay Attention to These Safety Issues!


The novel coronavirus is active outside body. It is reported that Guangzhou CDC has found viral nucleic acid on the door handle of a patient's home, which makes people pay more attention to home disinfection.

Among all kinds of disinfection methods, medical alcohol and 84 disinfectant have good effect of killing virus, and the production is relatively easy, and the price is relatively cheap, and the use is relatively simple. It has become a widely used disinfectant, and many people use it at home.

However, improper use of alcohol and 84 disinfectant will also lead to safety accidents. For example, the use of medical alcohol may lead to fire, and 84 disinfectant may lead to human poisoning. According to the properties of alcohol and 84 disinfectant, let’s talk about the precautions for safe use.

Pay attention to fire prevention when using medical alcohol to disinfect

Medical alcohol is a mixture of ethanol and water, among which the concentration of ethanol is 75%. Medical practice has proved that this concentration of medical alcohol has the best disinfection effect, which can kill a variety of bacteria and viruses and can also effectively kill the new type of coronavirus.

Besides being used for disinfection, ethanol is an important industrial use as fuel. For example, ethanol gasoline is to mix ethanol into gasoline and use it as automobile fuel, which also indicates that ethanol and gasoline have some similar properties. They both have relatively strong volatility and are easy to burn. Although medical alcohol is not pure ethanol, its concentration is quite high and it has strong combustibility. When using it, you must stay away from the fire source to prevent the fire caused by the ignition of alcohol.

When using medical alcohol, in addition to not be close to the fire source directly, it is also necessary to prevent the burning and explosion caused by alcohol vapor. When using medical alcohol, especially spraying it, because of its strong volatility, it is easy to produce alcohol vapor, especially in a closed space, such as a room with doors and windows closed. The alcohol vapor may accumulate and and reach its explosion range. When it encounters the fire source, it may cause burning or even explosion.

In a word, when using alcohol at home, you should keep away from the fire source; the alcohol stored at home should also be kept away from the fire source; it is forbidden to put it in the kitchen and other places close to the fire source.

Prevent being poisoned when using 84 disinfectant

84 disinfectant is a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and sodium chloride, and sodium hypochlorite plays a role in disinfection. Sodium chloride is a byproduct of production and does not have the effect of disinfection. Its disinfection principle is that the sodium hypochlorite and hypochloric acid produced by the effect of sodium hypochlorite, carbon dioxide and other chemicals have strong oxidation property, which can kill bacteria and viruses and is also effective for the new type of coronavirus.

Sodium hypochlorite and hypochloric acid have very strong oxidation, which can not only kill bacteria and viruses, but also have very strong corrosion to human cells. Therefore, when using 84 disinfectant, it should be diluted according to the usage requirements. You should also wear gloves and so on for protection, avoiding body contact and inhaling.

Since 84 disinfectant is a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and sodium chloride, they can have chemical reaction to produce chlorine, which is the reason why you can smell the smell of chlorine in use. Chlorine has very strong toxicity, and has relatively strong damage to respiratory tract. Excessive inhaling will lead to poisoning death. If 84 disinfectant is used under normal circumstances, the amount of chlorine gas produced is not large, which is safe in the open system, but in the closed space, it may cause the danger of being poisoned due to the accumulation of chlorine gas.

In addition, special attention should be paid to that 84 disinfectant can not be mixed with acidic substances (such as vinegar, toilet cleaning spirit, etc.), and a large amount of chlorine gas will be produced after mixing, leading to personnel poisoning.


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