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Beijing Subway Will Persuade Passengers without Masks to Leave


In view of the fact that the epidemic situation in Beijing has changed from the input period to the expansion period, on February 3, Beijing Subway Company announced that in order to further ensure the travel safety of passengers and create a safe riding environment, passengers need to take the subway with masks to protect themselves well, and passengers who do not wear masks will be persuaded to leave.

It is introduced that according on the Technical Guidelines for Disinfection Operation of Public Vehicles published by the National Health Commission of the PRC, Beijing Subway Company has done a good job of measuring temperature in the stations of the whole line on the basis of normalized disinfection of stations and carriages. If there are passengers with abnormal body temperature, the staff will isolate them and call 120 or 999 to take them to the hospital. At the same time, work has been done to strengthen the disinfection of stations and carriages: disinfect the carriages before the train goes online and after it goes back to the warehouse; disinfect the public areas and facilities, such as entrances and exits of the station, escalators, public bathrooms, etc., five times a day; disinfect security inspection equipment, self-service ticketing equipment and gate machines, once per hour; do a good job in the ventilation of the station in the public area and tunnel section of the station and keep it for 22 hours every day. When the train is on operation, the carriages should be ventilated in the maximum air volume to keep the air unblocked. The self protection of employees should be paid attention to. They should be tested the body temperature before taking up their posts, and the front-line staff should be equipped with special protective masks and gloves, so as to protect themselves well.

The relevant person in charge of Jinggang Subway Company also said that, in order to ensure the safety of passengers and create a safe riding environment, since the prevention and control of epidemic situation, Jinggang Subway has been adopting measures that passengers should wear masks when traveling by subway and will be persuaded to wear if they don't. If the persuasion is invalid, they will be persuaded to leave.

In addition, according to the introduction of Beijing Railway Operation Company, the two lines, including Yanfang line and Daxing airport line, have carried out the work of temperature measurement through the whole line. All of the 12 stations have realized infrared temperature measurement to improve the working efficiency of measurement. At the same time, the station is set with isolation area. If there are passengers with abnormal body temperature, the staff will guide the passenger to be isolated in time and call 120 or 999 for medical treatment.


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