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Beijing welcomes second snowfall this winter


Beijing issued a blue alert on Sunday as this winter's second snowfall began in the city's southwest around 7 p.m., blanketing all of the Chinese capital by midnight and through Monday afternoon.

The snow brought much joy for residents, with 166,000 people visiting Beijing's 11 municipal parks throughout the day on Monday. The Summer Palace was the most popular, welcoming 47,900 visitors, followed by Temple of Heaven (Tiantan Park) and Jingshan Park. People engaged in various activities in the snow, including enjoying the winter view, making snowmen, getting in snowball fights, posing for photos, etc.

But the blizzards also created certain inconveniences, especially for commuters and travelers. The average precipitation from 7 p.m. Sunday to 9 a.m. Monday reached 3.9 millimeters. As of 2:30 p.m. Monday, 50 outbound flights and 66 inbound flights had been canceled at Beijing Capital International Airport, according to its website.

The city issued an alert for icy roads and advised people to beware of traffic disruptions, health problems, and possible damages to agricultural facilities during the low temperature and windy weather after the snow. As of 10.a.m. Monday, local urban management and law enforcement had sent 2,421 people to inspect the main streets and organized 8,581 volunteers to remove snow and ice. More than 50,000 people and over 6,500 vehicles in total are working to remove snow in the city, local authorities said.

The Beijing Environment Sanitation Engineering Group has adopted various snow removal equipment and new methods, clearing the way for people and vehicles while preserving the winter view away from roads.

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