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Manchu embroidery exhibition wins acclaim


An exhibition of Bohai Mohe silk embroidery, a traditional Manchu embroidery, is underway at a creative cultural industrial park in Chaoyang district in Beijing. It has already attracted lots of visitors.

The exhibition showcases 150 artworks made by Sun Yanling and her 1,371 students, taught over a period of years.

"The Bohai Mohe silk embroidery has a unique triangular stitch style," Sun said. Sun is a fourth-generation inheritor of Bohai Mohe silk embroidery hailing from Northeast China's Heilongjiang province. "The embroiderer uses the needle as the brush and creates embroideries as vivid as oil paintings."

During the one-month exhibition, more than 80 artworks have been sold.

"It is an obligation for me to lead local women to improve their income levels," Sun said. "Furthermore, the exhibition is really a good chance to show more people traditional Manchu culture."

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