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Chateau Yishi


Chateau Yishi resort was built in 2000 and has been targeting at providing a high-quality vacation destination for guests. Enjoying prime location near beautiful Miyun Reservoir, the resort integrates castle, Chinese traditional architecture with natural scenery, history, culture and classical art. Chateau Yishi has become the first choice for wedding photography, family travel, business conference and leisurely vacation.

The resort was designed with the combination of human and nature, Chinese and Western culture, classical and modern culture, tradition and technology under the guideline of respecting history and pursuing perfection. Back against mountain and face the river, a walnut tree and an apricot tree which symbolize harmony and happiness in Chinese were planted in front of the door of No.1 wine cellar, providing proof of its design concept.

Autumn adds more colors to Chateau Yishi. Surrounded by blue rivers and colorful mountains, it is absolutely a fascinating fairyland.

Address: South of 500m away from west of Liuheyu Village, Taishitun Town, Miyun District, Beijing 北京密云区太师屯镇流河峪村西500米路南

Tel: 010-53311928; 86-13699246099


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