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Warm Your Stomach with Mutton Hotpot


Eating mutton hotpot has been a tradition for most Beijingers in winter, because it can keep warm as well as strengthen bodies.

Nanlaishun restaurant, firstly established in 1973, is famous for its specialties including sautéed lamb slices, roast lamb, instant-boiled lamb, and quick-fried tripe. Some topmost renowned snack chef, such as Sheep Head Ma, Glutinous rice cake Mi, and Jiaoquan Wang, joined Nan Lai Shun since 1961, making Nan Lai Shun a most distinctive restaurant with the great reputation as “the best snack bar” in Beijing. Expect for snacks, Nan Lai Shun is outstanding in cooking Muslim cuisine and has good performances in many cooking contest.

Address: Floor 2, No.12, South Caiyuan Street 南菜园街12号2楼


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