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Purchase Medince Online


In recent years, online drug stores have turned out to be favored by the public. Their easy access ensures drugs are delivered to customers’ homes within hours. Online shopping platforms such as Taobao have pharmaceutical areas and flagship stores. Besides, many large pharmacies have their own online stores and mobile apps.

1. Online purchasers should go to platforms qualified for online drug trading business and be aware of whether or not the site has the Qualification Certificates for Drug Information Services and the Qualification Certificates for Drug Transaction Services. At the same time, you can also log on to the official website of the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) to check whether the platform has business qualifications. (Chinese Official website:

2. Only OTC drugs can be purchased at online pharmacies. When purchasing, you should pay attention to distinguishing between qualified drugs and advertised commercial commodities, and not be careless about trusting online promotions.

3. Cash on delivery is suggested and you should check important information including the drug name, production date and expiration date. If there’s any problem, please tell the deliveryman directly or contact the vendor as soon as possible.

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