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Beijing implements new policies for foreign talents


Five new entry and exit policies went into effect on Sept. 6, benefiting six groups of foreigners in the Chinese capital.

The new policies allow foreign spouses and children below the age of 18 of high-level Chinese talents who work in Zhongguancun, China's Silicon Valley, to apply for permanent residence. Such talents will be winners of famous awards or recognized by high-level talent programs, famous experts or scholars, or innovative talents at companies. Based on the relevant recognition standards, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee will issue a reference letter to the eligible Chinese nationals to help them apply for permanent residence for their foreign spouses and children. The application procedures will be completed within 50 working days from the date of accepting the application.

With invitation letters or other letters of proof, well-known foreign experts and scholars invited by institutions of higher learning and research institutes, as well as foreigners employed by the overseas branches of Zhongguancun-based enterprises who come to Beijing for business visits, may apply for a 180-day, multi-entry visitor's visa (F) valid for five years, according to the new policies.

Foreign talents in assisting roles are eligible for work permits. With valid work permits for foreigners and letters of guarantee issued by the Zhongguancun-based high-level foreign talents, their secretaries, translators, assistants, and research directors may apply for residence permits with a duration of stay in accordance with that of their work permit.

In addition, children of foreigners in Beijing will be allowed to apply for a study visa (X1) from the Beijing Port Visa Authority after submitting a letter of school admission notice. The duration of stay of such study residence permit should be in accordance with the academic calendar indicated by the school.

Chinese of foreign nationality who come to Beijing to visit relatives, negotiate business, conduct exchange activities, and handle private affairs can apply for multiple entry and exit visas valid for up to five years. Those who need long-term residence for working, studying, visiting relatives, and engaging in private affairs in Beijing may apply for a residence permit valid for up to five years.

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