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Travel Tips for Beijing Happy Valley


Rides with photo-taking areas

Some of the thrilling rides in Happy Valley are equipped with cameras, which can help tourists record the best moments. Tourists can buy photos at the exit of each machine at the prices of 30 yuan for one and 50 yuan for two.

Name of rides: Extreme Rusher, Crystal Wing, The Journey of Odyssey, Jungle Racing, Apollo Wheel, Golden Wings in Snowfield

Free raincoat: water rides in the park would provide tourists with raincoats for free. Please don’t buy them from vendors at the gate of the park.

About queuing: Please queue up with your companions from the beginning. In some rides’ notices which read the opening time ends at 16:30, it means that the queuing will stop at that time. Those who want to experience these rides just be sure you are in the queue area before that cut-off time.

Weather conditions: some outdoor rides will be temporarily closed when there is strong wind, thunder and lightning, or moderate-to-heavy rain until the weather gets better. However, indoor rides will remain open, being unacted on the weather.

Free WIFI: free WIFI is available in the park. Please enter the mobile number and verification code according to the operation instruction.


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