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Technology boosts management of shared-bike


In Tongzhou district, 759 electronic parking stations for shared bikes have been installed, according to a recent report by the Beijing News.

The Tongzhou government requires that all shared bike companies must use the electronic parking stations.

According to the Beijing News report, other districts in Beijing such as Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian, Chaoyang and Daxing have all launched the electronic parking stations for shared bikes or marked designated areas, that users can see on their bike apps, to park their bikes in. In addition, where you park your bike is also linked to your credit score on shared bike accounts.

Zhang Tingkai, an expert in the public rental bike industry, believes that electronic parking stations for shared bikes could lower the cost for shared bike companies in the management and dispatching of the bikes. In addition, it will help the users form better habits when using and parking shared bikes, according to the same Beijing News report.

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