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Subway Line 17 to Start Construction This Year, Half of the Stations Will Realize Transfers


A membranous dustproof isolation shed of 75.5 meters long, 40 meters wide, with a scale equal to that of three standard swimming pools, appears at Hexiangyuan Station of Beijing Subway Line 17. It is said to be the first architecture with membrane structure utilized at a subway station in China.

Until now, 65 out of 71 construction sites have entered, and 49 of them have substantively begun their construction. The main building of Weilaikejicheng Beiqu Station has been entirely roofed. All the venues are planned to enter and start their construction at the end of this year.

About Beijing Subway Line 17

The Line 17 starts from Weilaikejicheng Beiqu Station and ends at Yizhuangzhan Qianqunan Station, passing through four districts, namely Tongzhou, Dongcheng, Chaoyang and Changping, running a length of 49.7 meters and installing 20 subway stations, of which 10 are transfer stations, with an average station spacing of 2.75 kilometers. It is positioned as an express line with a large transport amount grade, forming a large transport network of the rail transit in Beijing together with under-construction Line 3, Line 12 and Line 19.

The speed of Line 17 is designed to be 100 km/h, adopting the express scheduling mode. It will promote the timeliness and accessibility of Beijing rail transit network, effectively take the passenger transport pressure of the Line 5, Line 13, Line 2 and Line 10 off, and relieve the pressure of breakpoint transfers at Dongzhimen and Songjiazhuang Stations.

The Transfer Stations Will Avoid “Trudging Over a Long Distance”

Half stations of Line 17 will realize transfers with other 14 subway lines.

The transfer stations of Line 17 will try to adopt convenient modes like X-shape transfers, T-shape transfers and same-platform transfers, in order to shorten the distance when passengers transfer.

Due to the limitations of all respects, the following stations including Yong'anli, Dongdaqiao, Xibahe, Taiyanggong, Guangqumenwai, Shilihe, and transfer stations of the old lines will mainly adopt the channel transfer mode. However, the channel transfers of Line 17 won’t surpass 5 minutes, and the in-station transfers won’t surpass 3.

According to the plan published before, the two sections, from Wangjingxi Station to Weilaikexuecheng Beiqu Station and from Shilihe Station to Yizhuangzhan Qianqunan Station, will hopefully go into operations at the end of 2020, while the full-line operation is planned to be realized at the end of 2021.


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