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Most Alluring Perfume Shops in Chaoyang District


Perfume, the most wonderful thing in the world, is synonymous with romance. Each bottle of perfume, each kind of fragrance, always brings back fond memory when the aroma permeates in the air. As people’s livelihood improves, men and women of different ages have different needs for perfume. And perfume has become the best gift for festivals and birthday. We have listed some top perfume shops in the most renowned business circles in Chaoyang District of Beijing.


A top-notch luxury brand, Armani offers world-renowned perfume that comes in rich variety and distinctive styles. Perfume features prominently among the wide product line of Armani for its wide range of brands and unique touch of each brand. Among the 58 perfume products offered by Chanel, the earliest one was rolled out in 1982. Acqua Di Gio issued by Armani in 1994 came in products for men and women respectively, a famous fragrance for lovers. In the same year, Acqua Di Gio was awarded the “Oscar Award” of the perfume industry as the crown of women's fragrances.

Address: F1, Yansha Outlets, No. 9, South of East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Founded in 1961, Diptyque is a famous fragrance brand originated in France. It headquarters in Paris Rive Gauche, No. 34, Saint-Germain Street. In 1968, Diptyque rolled out L’Eau Eau de Toilette, the first eau de toilette, which was inspired by the combined fragrance of English-style dry flowers and pomander in 16th century. That was followed by many other new offerings, ranging from eau de toilette, soap, shower gel, to scarce and exquisite “Diptyque Vinaigre de Toilette”. Over the 40 years, Eau De Toilette Series stays true to its original delicate and elegant feature.

People are impressed by the premium materials used by Diptyque and the wonderful harmony created, which reflect Diptyque’s distinctive, free, and innovative way of perfume making. On the back of its strong tradition, Diptyque keeps creating fragrance and perfume different from those of the general perfume industry, together with unisex products.

Address: S6-19a, southern zone of Taikoo Li Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Jo Malone (Shin Kong Place)

Jo Malone is a London-based company marketing high-end skin care and perfume products. Jo Malone, billed as “the Queen of Perfume”, features high-priced products, which appeal to stars and upper class with simple, pure style. The simple and unadorned English-style packaging harmonizes with the noble, elegant, and distinctive fragrance.

Jo Malone offers dozens of products, including perfumes, candle, body lotion, bath care and shampoo, among which the most popular is red rose perfume. The aroma of Jo Malone perfume is simple and elegant, matched perfectly with the graceful and plain French-style pharmacy rectangular bottle. What set Jo Malone perfume apart from others is that you can mix perfume as you like, and create your own aroma with two or four kinds of perfume.

Address: Floor 1, Shin Kong Place, No. 87, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


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