Preparation Before Biking Tour in Beijing

To ensure your riding-tour in Beijing is safe, you need to prepare a lot. Follow us and learn about how to start your tour.

The dockless shared bikes in Beijing are provided by various companies. The bikes are accessible via an app, and cost 1 RMB per hour plus a refundable damage deposit of 299 RMB. In addition, these companies often launch special offers. Thus, users usually ride bikes free of charge. By scanning the QR-code on the bikes, you can unlock and use it. The most common shared bike companies are Ofo, whose bikes are bright yellow, Mobike, with bikes of silver and orange colors and Blue go go, the dark blue bikes.

Gaode Map (高德地图) and Baidu Map (百度地图) are the two most common apps in China serving voice navigation in English. And both of them are accessible for iOS and Android users.

As for the bike etiquette, bike lanes lay on most streets in Beijing and are often next to the bus lane. Hence, it is ideal to keep your bike on the lane and be cautious of buses.